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About Airmet Consulting

WWS profile picHi! I’m Rebecca Airmet. I’ve been coaching, creating, writing, and editing for twenty years.

Little did I know when I started a free writing clinic for science majors as president of the Honors English Student Advisory Committee, I was setting a course that defined my professional life.

Since then, I’ve helped non-fiction authors start and finish books, revised and edited PhD theses, and copy edited governmental reports on environmental safety. In the course of 12 years with the research journal Applied Spectroscopy, I edited over 2000 analytical chemistry articles written by scientists all over the world.

My secret superpower is clarity. Words are the container for your ideas. That container should be transparent (so you can see the ideas inside) and beautifully shaped (because who wants to stare at an ugly container). No purple prose, no grammar trolls, no nonsense. Just clear, clean writing that conveys your ideas in your voice.


So, if you want to become a better writer, check out my blog.

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And if you want to write a book, create an informational product, whip your web site into amazing shape, or make sure no one ever trolls your newsletters for typos again, let’s get started!

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