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marcus-66_720“If you need a writing coach, an editor, or someone to kick you in the pants to do what you know you should do (with regard to writing), you MUST talk with Rebecca.  She is amazing.  Seriously.”

Marcus Blankenship – Management Coach, Author


“RebeccaJohanna Rothman was my developmental editor for “Manage Your Job Search,” “Predicting the Unpredictable,” and “Agile and Lean Program Management.” She took books that had all the parts and restructured them. She made innumerable great suggestions for the text. In short, she did what developmental editors do.

It was the way she did it. I felt great working with her. I always felt as if we collaborated, never as if I was dangling by my toenails. She maintained her sense of humor and perspective on the book, even when I lost mine.

I enjoy working with Rebecca. We are already discussing our next project.”

Johanna Rothman – Management Consultant, Author


“I have worked with a number of editors and Rebecca was wonderful! One of the great things I loved about her is that she works with your voice and helps you say exactly what you meant to say but better. It was a joy working with her.”

Stephanie Green – Consultant, Green’s Cookery


“Rebecca edited my thesis for my Master of Science degree. Rebecca was very thorough and professional and realized the time limitations of revisions. I appreciated her work and recommend her editing skills to others.”

Elisabeth C. – Climate Scientist